Can You Change Your Username On Spotify? No, But There Is

Can You Change Your Username On Spotify? No, But There Is – Spotify is a great music streaming service but it lacks some settings. Here are some settings I’ve discovered I need to use to reset my music preferences when my daily mix playlist no longer matches my musical tastes well.

The first thing I tried was to look online for a way to reset my music preferences in Spotify settings but there was nothing, every Spotify support page said I should keep listening the songs i like and the playlist will update itself eventually but i asked for music recommendations now, not two weeks later.

Can You Change Your Username On Spotify? No, But There Is

Can You Change Your Username On Spotify? No, But There Is

So I got to another page that suggested that I delete the account and create a new one, I chose to do this since I don’t have much on my account but here I encountered another classic error of Spotify because with this way Spotify manages playlists where you can not change your username and even automatically unique username (classic salad of letters and numbers); this is shown as your username when it shouldn’t be (even if you choose a username, that username will not appear in your profile or playlists).

How To Change The Password Of A Spotify Account

Disclaimer: You can use this method only if you have an Android device or an Android emulator, there may be other ways but you haven’t tried any of them because it worked for me.

If you want to reset your preferences or change your username but don’t want to lose your favorite playlists, use spotmybackup’s free service to backup all your playlists on your phone/PC your and transfer them to your new account.

After signing in, just press the EXPORT button and a .json file containing all your playlists will be downloaded to your device, this file will be selected when you sign in with your new Spotify account to import your old playlists.

Deleting your Spotify account is easy, just follow these steps as Spotify Community Manager Meredith shows in her answer here:

Spotify Now Allows You To Change Your Name

NOTE: Once you close your account, you will not be able to use your username again (this may work as I have reactivated 2 accounts and used the same username and allowed me to use the username user after deleting the account, note that it is not sure that it will work). And if you’ve used a student discount, you won’t be able to apply it to another account until 12 months have passed since you signed up.

This is where the tricky part comes in, if you create a new account there will be a part where you can choose a username normally, but it won’t be shown on your profile: (I couldn’t take a screenshot of the part you chose, name of -user due to privacy policies, the app does not allow me to take a screenshot):

To get around this you will need to create a new Spotify account using a much older version of the app (not sure why it worked but give it a shot as I know the username pops up the first time I open an account)

Can You Change Your Username On Spotify? No, But There Is

Disclaimer: I don’t recommend downloading APKs from unknown sources but we will go this way as this solved our problem and Spotify couldn’t find a solution other than using your Facebook name.

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I used version 2.3.0 of the app, not for any reason, I just googled Spotify 2 apk and this was the first thing that came up. I downloaded the apk from here. Again, I have 0 links for this website and apk, do it yourself.

To install the apk, you have to allow applications from unknown sources, again I don’t recommend if you don’t trust the sources.

Now you can remove the old app and download and install the newest version of Spotify from the Play Store.

Now that you’ve created the account and installed the newest version of Spotify, all you have to do is log in to your new account.

Simple Ways To Remove A Follower On Spotify

Note that you can now even log in using your username, before you could only log in using your email.

To import your old playlists to your new account, all you have to do is access spotmybackup again and log in using your new Spotify account, then select the .json file we downloaded in -start and hit the import button. One solution to the problem is to connect. To Facebook your Spotify account. This will replace your original Spotify username with your Facebook username. And every time you change your Facebook name, your Spotify name will be updated to match. You can make this change from the desktop or mobile application.

Another solution is to change your display name; this will override your Facebook name if your account is already linked to Facebook. This will not change your current username, but it will change the name everyone sees you as. However, you can only make this change from the mobile application.

Can You Change Your Username On Spotify? No, But There Is

Finally, you can ask Spotify to change your username directly. However, there is no guarantee that they will help you.

How To Change Your Passwords On Steam, Instagram, Amazon, & Spotify

2. Click the down arrow next to your profile picture and name in the upper right corner.

4. This will take you to your Settings page. Scroll down until you find the “Social” section where you will see a blue button that says “Connect to Facebook”. Click this button to start the process.

4. You’ll find the “Connect to Facebook…” option at the bottom of the page, as well as toggle buttons to turn certain settings on or off. Tap this.

5. A popup will appear informing you that Spotify must use Facebook to log in. Tap “Continue” which will automatically open Facebook in an Internet tab or mobile app. If asked to link accounts, enter your login information.

How To Change Your Spotify Username Or Display Name

Currently, you can’t change your Spotify display name in the desktop app, but you can change it in the mobile app for Android and iOS.

5. Here you can change your display name and profile picture. Click the “Save” button in the top right corner to save your changes.

If you do not want to connect your account with Facebook, you can contact the Spotify support team to help you create a new account with the same email.

Can You Change Your Username On Spotify? No, But There Is

A representative can help you transfer your information to a new account where you can create a new username. It saves your playlists, music saved in your library, and people you follow. A Spotify username can be a fun and useful thing. It can be used to find and follow other users’ profiles and allow users to follow you and subscribe to your playlists. Every user who creates a Spotify account receives a unique string of numbers and letters, which essentially becomes their Spotify ID. Signing up with Facebook, Apple or Google will create an account on Spotify with the name Facebook/Apple/Google.

Spotify Can’t Play This Right Now

But how do you change your Spotify username? Is this possible? In this article, you will find out if you can change your Spotify username and if you can’t, what is the closest to get it.

As you may have noticed, an app can look different between devices. For example, the Facebook app on Android devices does not look the same as it does on iOS devices. However, the current trend in the world of technology is that these apps look as similar as possible on various devices.

Spotify is a great example of this. While the app/web app is not the same overall, things work pretty much the same on all platforms. So, whatever device you use, the solutions below should work.

Before we move on to how to change your Spotify username, let’s make one thing clear – your username is not the same as your display name. Your Spotify display name is the name you see when you access the Spotify desktop, tablet/mobile, or web app.

How To Change Your Spotify Password Or Reset It

Unlike the username, changing your Spotify display name is very simple and straightforward. However, the display name can only be changed via the Spotify mobile/tablet app. Here’s how to do it.

Your display name is how you appear to others on Spotify. But changing the Spotify username is a different story altogether.

Unfortunately, Spotify does not allow you to change your username. Although each username is unique to each account, you cannot customize it. Assigned by Spotify, it can consist of a series of random numbers and letters so it is not easily catchy.

Can You Change Your Username On Spotify? No, But There Is

Therefore, a username cannot be changed – it is constantly added to that account. But if you want to have a more consistent and memorable username on Spotify, you can create a new account with a semi-customized username.

Here’s How To Reset Your Spotify Account Password If Compromised

Let’s get one thing clear before we start – by logging into Spotify with your Facebook/Apple/Google account, you’re creating a brand new Spotify account. Signing up to Spotify through one of the three services mentioned above will still keep your old account active. This is especially important to remember if you have a paid Spotify membership. You can finally pay for two Spotify accounts.

That’s why we recommend canceling your Spotify before signing up with one of the services mentioned above.

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