How To Access An Android Phone With A Broken Screen

How To Access An Android Phone With A Broken Screen – You might be wondering if you can control Android phones from another phone like you control your TV with a remote control. If that’s what you’re thinking, my answer is “Yes, you can.” Well, if you really want to, I have good news for you. Not only can you control the target cell phone from another phone, but you can do a lot more. Things like spying on him. It helps you monitor your spouse, children or anyone else remotely.

In this article, we will introduce you to various remote control and spy apps that work from Android to Android. Nevertheless, we will go through a step-by-step solution to using an Android tracking app. Let’s take some steps to find out about them.

How To Access An Android Phone With A Broken Screen

How To Access An Android Phone With A Broken Screen

Well, there can be a long list of reasons why you might want to control an Android device from another Android device. In most cases, it is used by professionals to access the device through a wireless network. Parents also like to use Android-to-Android remote control to get complete information about what is happening on their child’s smartphone. Sometimes we can use it to download files from a remote device to another remote device available in a different location. You can also use it to track, monitor or control your employee or partner’s smartphone as needed.

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There are a few apps available for these tasks. Some of the popular ones are RemoDroid, TeamViewer and InkWire Screen Share and Assist.

RemoDroid is a lightweight app that makes Android-to-Android remote control easy. With this app you can easily control any Android device and other smart devices like TV. This application can help users to share screens between multiple users and is also protected by one time authentication protocol. This authentication mode simplifies the connection process.

Teamviewer is one of the most common programs for controlling remote devices. Teamviewer has a fully customized solution for Android that can handle the same task effortlessly. If you want to use the app fully, you can try its free version and then subscribe to the paid version.

InkWire is a great app that everyone wants on their phone. The uniqueness of this application is that you can specify on the remote screen. This application is mainly used to show another user how to use a particular feature. You can use the voice chat feature even after connecting.

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These were the top three widely used remote control apps. However, if you want to spy on an Android device, these apps will not work. Spyware also provides remote access to the target user’s camera and microphone. Additionally, the aforementioned apps cannot track web page history, call logs, and app usage. However, there is nothing to worry about, you can use another great program. Now tell us the cool features which are not available in the above apps.

Allows you to remotely access the target device’s microphone and stream audio from the target device to your device or web control panel. By using this feature, you will be able to hear the user’s live surround sound. This feature is most useful for detecting dangerous situations and eavesdropping on secret conversations.

Allows you to remotely access the target device’s front and rear camera and stream video from the target device to your device or web dashboard. By using this feature, you will be able to see the live environment of the target user. This feature is most useful for stitch operations.

How To Access An Android Phone With A Broken Screen

The SMS call header details who will contact the user of the target device via SMS. It also informs about which topic the user talks about most through SMS messages. This is a great feature that can be very useful to know how the user actually behaves.

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For parents, keeping track of what your children write can help you better understand your children’s behavior behind your back. This feature also helps you to get an alert about any danger to your children. Understanding your children’s social circle will enable you to guide them in the right direction if they are having problems in society. You will get a lot of spiritual satisfaction knowing that they will not be friends with gamblers, kidnappers, sex predators or other harmful students.

Companies can use this application to detect insider threats in the organization. External and active threats are easier to identify than passive threats within the company. To ensure the security of confidential company information and assets, it is essential to install effective monitoring software on company-provided mobile devices. So it becomes very easy to catch insider threats. In addition, it helps to find evidence of employee fraud or theft of confidential information.

Allows for comprehensive monitoring of SMS messages from employees. With the help of text messages and spy app, you can find out if any employee is involved in activities that are harmful to the company and you can take necessary measures in time to prevent further losses.

This is a great feature to offer. The screenshot capture feature gives you a visual of exactly what the user is doing on Android phones and iPhones, which plays an important role in parental control and employee monitoring. You can also use the spy app to find out what your kids have been doing on their devices without your knowledge and if they need your help and guidance. For example, you can find out if they are addicted to violent games or video chatting with strangers.

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Keylogger is a very powerful feature that can help you a lot. Whether you are a parent or an employer, you need this feature to track the target phone completely. Keylogger is a great software that records all keystrokes on your phone. This will help you find out if your child or employee is hiding something from you. Using this feature, you can learn about their email account ID and passwords, web searches and more. By using it, you can also get an idea about their thinking and psychology. Once you smell fish, you can take appropriate action.

The biggest problem that these spyware programs face is that they can be detected. However, it totally works in stealth mode. It does not show app launcher icon in the app drawer of the device. So the target user has no idea what is going on in the background.

Nowadays, many people use a calendar. This application helps them to be more efficient in managing their daily tasks. This app allows you to track the target device’s calendar. If you have access to the calendar, you can see the whole day’s schedule and get a detailed idea of ​​the target daily, weekly and monthly tasks. If something is suspicious, you can act in time.

How To Access An Android Phone With A Broken Screen

Another great feature of the app is the app usage report it provides. The app records all app usage history and reports it on the web dashboard. It is useful to get an idea of ​​what applications your child uses and how much time he spends on the mobile device. If you find that your child is using the device more than necessary, you can take appropriate measures. You may be concerned about your teen’s interest in adult content and dating apps. allows you to determine whether such applications are installed and used on your children’s phones.

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Setting up this app is very easy. First, you need to buy a copy. And then, install the app on the target phone and follow the instructions provided. Now you are done. You can view all the data from the target phone in a web dashboard accessible from any Android device, iOS device or computer. Simple, isn’t it?

In short, you can control your Android phone from another. However, which type of application is most suitable depends on your needs. Both types of apps have paid premium plans. According to my need I choose spy software like remote control. However, if you want to control a client’s Android phone for educational purposes, you can choose apps like InkWire Screen Share and Assist. I hope you got your answer. Thank you.

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