How To Add Music To An Instagram Story, Post, Or Reel

How To Add Music To An Instagram Story, Post, Or Reel – Instagram has the ability to add music to stories, from which photos and videos disappear. Here’s how you can do it easily.

Instagram has long introduced the ability to post disappearing photos and videos. Although Instagram Stories is copied from Snapchat, it can be said that it is quite popular due to its various features. Also Read – Russia Adds Meta to Its “Terrorist and Extremist Organizations” List

How To Add Music To An Instagram Story, Post, Or Reel

How To Add Music To An Instagram Story, Post, Or Reel

Among the many features is the ability to add music to stories to post fun disappearing images and videos. It’s also a way to express yourself that a headline can’t. Also Read – Instagram Collections: How to Save, Organize Photos and Videos

How To Add Music To Your Insta Story?

If you’re looking to add music to your Instagram stories, you’re in the right place as we’re going to give you a step-by-step guide. So read on to know more. Also read – Meta will introduce new ad formats in the Instagram app

All the magic will happen through the Instagram Stories section in the top left corner of the app. Here’s what to do:

Step 3: Now you have to click a photo, shoot a video or select an existing media from your phone gallery.

Step 4: Once you’ve decided what content you want to post, tap the sticker icon at the top.

Everything You Need To Know About Adding Music To Your Reels

Step 5: There you will find many sticker options including GIFs, place tags and more. One of them is a music sticker to add music to Instagram Stories. Select an option.

Step 6: After selecting a sticker, you will find two tabs: About You for popular songs and Browse for new songs.

Step 7: Now that you’ve made your choice, once you’ve scrolled through the options, it’s time to make some changes.

How To Add Music To An Instagram Story, Post, Or Reel

Step 8: You can choose to display the music with text (in four different font types) or two different music player options. You can also select the part you want to add by selecting the beat of the song. You can add up to 15 seconds of music to your Instagram story.

Why Can’t I Add Music To Instagram Story? + Solution

Step 9: Once all the decisions are made, all you have to do is tap the “Done” option in the top right corner, select the “Send” option and you’re done! your story has been shared. You can also share it with people individually.

If you want to add music to Instagram Stories without a sticker, you can reduce its size while editing and remove it from the screen by dragging it up until it disappears. This will hide the sticker and play the music in the background.

The ability to add music to Instagram Stories is another way to make posts on the photo-sharing platform interesting. Many people use this feature and now that you know how to do it, start adding songs to your stories.

Also, let us know how you like this feature by leaving a comment in the section below.

Here’s How To Add Music To Any Instagram Story

For the latest tech news around the world, the latest PC and mobile games, tips and tricks, premium app reviews on the hottest releases, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Also follow us on Facebook Messenger for the latest news. In most countries, Instagram has a built-in “add music” feature that allows you to add music to your Instagram story. Creators can search for a song and add ringtones to their story video.

In the Instagram app, record or upload a video to your story and find the Music option under Stickers. Some songs will have lyrics that you can choose to display in your story as an animated overlay. Music is a fun and entertaining way to make your stories pop and accent your IRL videos.

However, depending on the legal restrictions in your country, you may or may not be able to access the entire Instagram music library through the Instagram app. Also, Instagram’s music feature has a limited music library. It’s not possible to add a song, soundtrack, or audio from another source like YouTube, or upload a specific audio you want.

How To Add Music To An Instagram Story, Post, Or Reel

Upload the video to the Instagram app. This tutorial uses a free online video editor called . You can add any music you find on YouTube to a photo or video in your Instagram story in three steps:

How To Add Music To Instagram Stories, Reels, And Posts

First you need to upload a photo or video to which you want to add music. Open the Studio tool in your browser and click Start Editing.

Then choose to start from a blank canvas or upload an MP4 file to which you want to add music. If you’ve already posted a video to Instagram Stories, copy the video URL and paste it to import the video directly.

Use the audio tool in the toolbar to open the music tools and choose a way to get the music you want. To import a song from YouTube, copy and paste the URL from the YouTube page. I found the Mickey Mouse Theme Song online from a YouTube video to add to the actual mouse story on Instagram.

You can also upload an MP3 file or MP4 file from your computer or phone by clicking the upload button or drag/drop onto the rectangle.

Songs For Instagram Stories

After importing music, you can trim the audio, adjust the volume, or change when the song should start playing in your Instagram story. Drag the white slider to set the delay before the sound plays during the video.

If you want to add multiple audio tracks, you can open the Timeline tool to arrange the music. Timeline supports multiple audio files, so drag Mp3 on screen to load and drag to set start time.

After uploading music or audio, watch the preview to see how your video will sound with the new audio. Click Done to connect the music to your story.

How To Add Music To An Instagram Story, Post, Or Reel

Users can choose to replace the video’s existing audio – just click the Mute Video button – or combine new music with the video’s soundtrack. They can also adjust the start time of the audio and, if the music is shorter than the duration of the video, repeat the audio multiple times in the video. You can also lower the volume to select a specific section from within.

Instagram Now Lets You Add Lyrics To Songs On Stories

When the preview looks good, click Done to return to Studio. You can always edit and remove audio from the toolbar option.

S Studio allows you to add more elements like shapes, stickers, custom background color, text with fancy fonts and more. You can browse these tools or click DONE to export a new music history.

It should only take a few seconds for the kitties to process your video. After creating a video, you can share the video URL or download a new story and post it to Instagram. Here is the story I created.

Thanks for reading this article on how to add music to Instagram Story! This task is just one of the many reasons why I think this is the best video editor for Instagram. is online, so it works on tablets, phones and computers, no need to install an app. It’s free and supports both photos and videos. Videos created with the free plan have a small watermark, but you can remove it for a small fee or by subscribing to the Pro plan.

How To Add Music To An Instagram Story

Good luck with your music stories on Instagram! ’s Studio can also be used to create music GIFs, text videos and images with background music, as well as beautiful layouts and designs for unique Instagram stories. Feel free to contact us if you have improvement ideas or feature requests.

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How To Add Music To An Instagram Story, Post, Or Reel

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How Do You Add Music To Stories Without Any Visible Stickers Or Lyrics Like In This Screenshot?

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