How To Change Your Airdrop Name

How To Change Your Airdrop Name – AirDrop is a feature on Apple devices that allows a sender to quickly send data to another Apple device. As long as the recipient’s device is in range of the sender, AirDrop will work properly. This feature is often used to send images, screenshots, and other information such as documents, making transfers quick and easy.

Using Bluetooth LE technology, AirDrop can broadcast, discover, negotiate connections and direct WiFi to transfer your data. It makes it easy to send all your photos, videos, contacts and more. to another repository with a fast and secure connection.

How To Change Your Airdrop Name

How To Change Your Airdrop Name

When you use AirDrop to transfer data between iPhone and iPad, you may notice a bunch of other Apple IDs crowding out your own. This can become a problem when all surrounding devices have the same default name, such as an iPhone or iPad.

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AirDrop can be incredibly useful for sharing files between Apple devices, but only if you can separate yours from the many that may be sharing the same Wi-Fi space around you. You’ll need to change the name to make sure all the files you want to transfer go to the correct device.

You can change the device name in your iPhone’s settings (Settings > General > About), but you’ll quickly notice that AirDrop’s name hasn’t changed. This is because your AirDrop feature works with your contacts. You will need to update your contact card instead. Here is the procedure:

Now, when others try to AirDrop you, they’ll see the new name you’ve created. You can even add a profile photo to your contact card by tapping Add Photo.

Note: After making these changes, it may take some time before your device appears in other people’s AirDrop options. If your name doesn’t appear, go to Settings > General > Reset and reset your network settings. Your phone will restart and appear in the list of AirDrop senders.

How To Change Airdrop Name On Iphone And Mac

The procedure is slightly different if you are using an iPad. Unlike the iPhone, you won’t need to change the contact, but you will need to change the name of your iPad.

If you want to send a document from a smaller Apple product to your iMac or MacBook, you can do so using AirDrop.

If you’ve ever tried to transfer data between mobile devices near your Mac, you may have noticed one device with an “Unknown” display name. It was probably your Mac.

How To Change Your Airdrop Name

Before attempting to transfer AirDrop data to and from your Mac, you must first give it a proper name. This will allow you to easily identify it on your local network when you start streaming. Setting or changing a name on a Mac is just as quick and easy as on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

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Now you can send documents, photos, videos, web pages, map locations and more wirelessly. to any nearby iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or other Mac using AirDrop.

Assuming you know how to use AirDrop from a Mac, of course. Now we’ll give you a quick reminder.

Similarly, when someone on the same local network tries to AirDrop certain content, you must deny or accept their request. This request will also appear as a message in the AirDrop window.

Click “Accept” and you can save it for download or add it to a specific folder like Photos. All data received on your Mac is automatically saved in the Downloads folder.

How To Change Your Iphone And Ipad’s Name For Airdrop

Now you know how to change your device name so you don’t get lost among other devices when trying to use AirDrop. You even know how to do it on your Mac. But what if the device doesn’t show up in the AirDrop window?

If you’re trying to transfer AirDrop content from one device but the recipient’s device isn’t showing up, you need to make sure both devices have WiFi and Bluetooth turned on. You’ll also want to keep the two devices within 30 feet (9 meters) of each other.

This is usually all that needs to be done, but sometimes the basics won’t solve the problem. We will have to play with the device settings.

How To Change Your Airdrop Name

As you can see, changing the device name is quite simple. But if you have more questions, read on.

How To Change The Name Of Your Iphone

If you update the device name according to the instructions above, but it does not appear immediately, turn the phone off and then on again. Assuming you checked that the name was changed using the methods above, this should fix the problem.

Another reason why your device name may not be displayed correctly is if the sending device is already listed in your contacts. For example, if you use a work phone and it’s added to your contacts on the receiving device, you might see the contact as “work phone.”

Your device uses Bluetooth to send data through AirDrop. This means that the sending and receiving devices must be within 30 feet of each other.

Please note: Some pages on this site may contain an affiliate link. Our editorial team will have no influence on this. Does the name of your iPhone only show as iPhone? Or maybe it has its own name, but are you ready to shake things up? Follow the instructions to change the name of your iPhone.

How To Rename Your Iphone Or Ipad

Your iPhone’s name will appear in many places, such as when you share it via AirDrop, view iCloud backups, use the Find It app, manage it when connected to your Mac, and more.

To make your device easier to identify and add a little flair, it’s fun to give your iPhone a unique name.

To change your name or other information on a contact card, go to the Contacts app and tap on yourself at the top of the app, finally select Edit in the top right corner and you’ll be able to make changes. When you’re done, tap Done in the upper right corner.

How To Change Your Airdrop Name

Another nice feature is the ability to teach Siri to pronounce names correctly. Check out our full guide on how to teach Siri to say names.

Use Airdrop On Your Mac

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Airdrop has been a lifesaver for Apple users who want to quickly transfer files to other iOS and macOS devices.

How To Change Airdrop Name On Iphone & Mac

It’s an amazing feature from Apple that helps you share files with nearby devices, and of course, do it wirelessly. Unlike some other file transfer methods, using Airdrop won’t affect the quality of the file, and you’ll be able to transfer it faster than usual. ⏱️

The reason Airdrop is so popular and you hear about it all the time is because it makes things so convenient. I’d like to believe that iOS and macOS users don’t use any method of file transfer other than Airdrop when devices are nearby.

You may now consider changing the Airdrop name when multiple iOS/Mac users in your household share the same name. This is because when uploading files, you can get confused as to which one is the right one because multiple devices with the same name keep popping up.

How To Change Your Airdrop Name

Also, if you already have a name that you don’t like, it makes sense to change it to a new one.

How To Change Your Airdrop Name

If you’re wondering how to change the Airdrop name, this is a great post. Follow the simple steps and you’re done.

Changing the name of an Airdrop on iPad is quite simple and takes less than a minute. Check out the screenshots below.

Changing the Airdrop name on iPhone must be done in the Contacts app, not in Settings. Here are the steps:

Following these steps is enough to change the Airdrop name on your iPhone. Note that it may take some time for the new name to take effect.

How To Change Your Airdrop Name On Iphone

Just like iPhone and iPad, changing the name on Mac is not difficult and does not require many steps.

Step 4: A screen similar to this will appear where you can enter your computer name. Go ahead and replace the existing one with the new one.

There may be cases where the newly updated name does not appear even after completing all the steps. In this case, you can try turning the device off and on again. In most cases, this will solve the problem.

How To Change Your Airdrop Name

Steps for change

How To Use Airdrop On Your Iphone Or Ipad

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