How To Make A Photo Collage In An Instagram Story

How To Make A Photo Collage In An Instagram Story – In this post, I’ll show you a simple step-by-step process to create an amazing collage – one that looks like this:

I recommend choosing images that are related to a theme (such as a place, event, or even a concept). Include a mix of topics at different scales; for example, choose a few wide shots that show the whole scene, as well as a few close-up photos that show lots of texture and personality. Without one or the other, the story would not be complete. And it won’t have the level of emotion you crave.

How To Make A Photo Collage In An Instagram Story

How To Make A Photo Collage In An Instagram Story

When telling a story: It often helps to focus on the story you’re trying to tell. Want to suggest a story about the event? Want to clearly convey a meaningful concept? Be sure to consider this when choosing a photo!

Tips For Creating A Brilliant Photo Collage

Another tip: If possible, include at least three and no more than eight photos. There are very few photos and you won’t be able to fully tell the story. Too many photos and you’ll confuse viewers with clutter (plus it’ll be hard to show individual details).

To do this, you can drag files directly into the document window or choose File>Open and click on the appropriate images.

Although you can use the old collage template, if you are creating a collage for the first time, you will need to create a new document.

The specifics will depend on what you plan to do with the collage, as well as the dimensions of the photos you choose. If you are working with large JPEG files and plan to print, you should probably choose a width and height of 5000+ pixels. If you want to display your collage on a standard web page, a width and height of 1500 pixels will work well (although you can always start large and resize later as described in step 8 below).

How To Make A Photo Collage On The Iphone

(I recommend that the file size ends up being a bit larger than what you want; that way you can build the final product to work around any editing issues.)

Depending on the size and resolution of the new image, you may need to make some adjustments using Edit>Free Transform (or).

(After enabling Free Transform, drag the edge nodes until you get the result you want. You want the image small enough to move around the canvas comfortably.)

How To Make A Photo Collage In An Instagram Story

Once you’ve added all of your collage photos to your document, it’s time to do some editing. Here you exchange photos until you tell your story.

Make A Collage

After creating a few collages, you’ll start to discover your preferred style; personally i like creating symmetrical layouts and also interlocking puzzles. But each story has slightly different needs, so feel free to experiment!

Then drag all the images until you get a good result. To resize any photo, use the Free Transform option we mentioned above.

After setting the design and size of all images, I recommend giving the design space. This is a personal preference, but the effect is generally nice.

This is quite easy; you simply create a thin white border between the images. You can select each image and then use your mouse or arrow keys until you see an empty space. Or you can double-click each image in the Layers panel:

How To Make A Photo Collage Of Any Size

Make sure the position is Inside, the blend mode is set to Normal, and the color is set to white:

Unfortunately, this will crop the images a bit – but depending on the look you like, it could be worth it.

Before resizing and exporting the collage, I recommend cropping the extra space around the edges (you want the design to look even).

How To Make A Photo Collage In An Instagram Story

This step depends on your goals for the collage. If you want to print, you will need to resize based on print requirements (which generally means keeping the image large enough). If you want to post your collage on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, consider reducing the size to a maximum of 1500 pixels on the long end.

How To Make A Collage Wallpaper On Iphone

Then select a location and file name, make sure the Save Type is set to JPEG, and click Save:

A simple procedure to create a collage in Photoshop. It can look great, so don’t be shy; share on all your social media pages!

Have you made any collages yet? Got more tips? Share your advice (and collage photos!) in the comments below.

, founder and chief photographer of Full Circle Images, draws on his background as an architect to create luxurious imagery that evokes a sense of warmth and culture. Natalia lives in San Diego, California, USA. She has had the honor of filming with AirBnB for 3 years and a ton of different publications, TEDxSanDiego and countless small businesses that convey stories through powerful imagery. Today, her furry co-pilot, Daisy, inspires a passion for everyday travel while reminding her how valuable it is to maintain that sense of EV. Don’t keep your digital photos on your phone or computer. Memories should be recorded and shared. That’s why photo collage programs have become very popular in recent years. A photo collage is a technique of combining multiple photos, images or items of sentimental meaning to create a beautiful, personalized visual representation of a special event or occasion.

How Make The Perfect Photo Collage Picture!

Luckily, smart technology has taken the art of creating photo collages to a new level. Gone are the days of scissors, glue and bulky albums. Now you can put together an amazing piece of art using digital collage software.

Share your best vacation photos with a themed collage or make grandma feel special on her birthday with a custom family heirloom album.

Creating a photo collage is a lot of fun. It’s also a great way to personalize a gift or celebrate a special occasion. There are several photo collage apps on the market, so it’s important to consider the compatibility of your device and the features you actually want to use when choosing an app. With that in mind, we’ve picked the best photo collage apps for iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

How To Make A Photo Collage In An Instagram Story

Features: PhotoGrid is one of the best photo editing apps on the Google Play Store. The app gives you many different editing options that you can apply to your photos and videos. One of their unique features is WowCam, built specifically for selfies. Unfortunately, PhotoGrid does not support Raw images. It also doesn’t have cloud storage to store your edits online.

How To Make A Photo Collage Using Google Drawings

Features: This photo collage app offers the user more than 190 creative design layouts and you can upload up to 9 files for each layout. Its popularity lies in the ability to customize the application. Change colors, sizes and aspect ratios. In addition to selecting photos from your iPhone, you can also select images from social media accounts such as Facebook or Flickr. Unfortunately, the Diptic app only provides basic instructions to users, so you’ll have to learn as you go.

Features: PicCollage helps you create beautiful collages from images stored in your phone and images obtained from the Internet. A great choice for beginners in creating collages. There are a number of different layouts and templates to choose from, and you can even save your creations directly to your phone and share them with your friends and social media networks. On the other hand, premium content like frames and stickers need to be purchased.

Features: Collagelt is compatible with Mac. The app offers a selection of pre-made templates, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time creating and editing images from scratch. If you want to create a quick collage, this is the right choice. The design makes it easy to apply adjustments and filters, and you can share your creations on social networks. It’s a pretty basic photo collage app, so if you get tired of the limited features, you might want to upgrade to something more advanced.

Features: Motif is one of the few photo printing apps available for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Create, organize and edit collages for your personal photo books, calendars,

How To Make A Photo Collage With A Matching Color Palette

Canvas and cards. This premium software system gives you all the creative tools you need to create beautiful works of art.

Features: Canva is a good choice for those who are not very good at graphic design. That’s because there are tools and features that make it easy to use your photos on ready-made custom layouts. The result: Canva will make you a design superstar! Unfortunately, the suggestions are a bit repetitive. It should also be noted that some users have had trouble using the mobile app version for this tool.

Features: PicStitch offers all the standard features of most collage programs, but also allows the user to insert video clips into the layout. The application works as a simple photo editor that allows you to place your photos in elegant frames. Just advise

How To Make A Photo Collage In An Instagram Story

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