How To Recover Deleted History In Google Chrome

How To Recover Deleted History In Google Chrome – Google Chrome is a browser used by 2.63 billion users. This means that 63.58% of the market share belongs to Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave and many other popular browsers are based on Google Chrome. Since many people use Google Chrome to search the web, what if you accidentally delete your browser history? Meanwhile, you want to visit a website but can’t remember the name. Saving history in Google Chrome is in a good mood, suddenly you see, nothing. It’s time to look for ways to recover deleted history in Google Chrome. So, close because you want to learn how to recover deleted history in Google Chrome?

Your search is actually stored in your browser, and if you’re signed in to your browser, it’s still there even after you delete your browser history. Everything you do outside of the web browser is saved in Google Activity in your Gmail account. So, let’s start the process of accessing your Google history of Google activity.

How To Recover Deleted History In Google Chrome

How To Recover Deleted History In Google Chrome

Step #1. As I mentioned earlier, if you’re signed in to your browser, everything is still there. To access it, open, click your profile, and then click Manage your account.

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Step # 2. Once you are in your account control center, you need to visit the Data and Privacy section.

Step # 3. After that, you will see the date settings in the “What you did and what you did” category. As we get into restoring our search history, you should click on Web and App Activity.

Step #4. Once you open the Network & Activity page, you’ll see every Google product you use. Every search history is saved here, if you want to access it, click on the app. Click on Google Chrome as we search history. If you are on a computer, ctrl click on google chrome and it will open in a new tab.

This is the simplest and easiest way to recover deleted history in Google Chrome. However, there are many other methods you can use to recover deleted history in Google Chrome. Especially if you can’t access the search history in your account.

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The disadvantage of this method is that it only shows the visited website, if you want to save it, highlight and copy the text.

This means you can use it to recover deleted history in Google Chrome, I recommend using the first method. I hope this article helps you to recover deleted history in Google Chrome. We all rely on our search history to track our winding Internet path. Without it, many of us would struggle to remember the sites we found during a noisy search. But if that date was accidentally deleted, how to recover it?

In this guide, we will explore all the ways to recover deleted history in Google Chrome. Read on for more information.

How To Recover Deleted History In Google Chrome

In some cases, yes. Google Chrome stores browser data in a special database file on your computer. Even if the file has been deleted, it may be possible to recover it using methods used to recover deleted photos or files. There are other ways to view your browsing history, such as the sync feature or the Google Action Bar.

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There are several ways to recover your deleted Chrome history, from direct methods like data recovery software to indirect methods like DNS caching. Let’s explore them one by one.

The history file on your computer isn’t the only place Google records your browsing history. Your Google Account itself contains a record of your online activity, including the websites you visit and the search terms you use.

When the history file that stores Chrome’s browsing history is deleted, the best way to restore it is with a data recovery program. Programs like these can scan your entire drive for deleted files and restore your Google history.

No matter what data recovery tool you use, we’ll go with Disk Utility. It is a full-featured data recovery software for Windows and Mac that can recover files lost due to various reasons. The best part is that you can recover 500MB of data for free, so recovering deleted Chrome history won’t cost you a penny.

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If you’ve deleted your history from Google Chrome, restoring it can be a bit complicated. Because Chrome doesn’t actually delete the history files, it just clears the contents of the database. This lost data cannot be recovered using recovery tools.

The solution? Restore a previous version of the history file. If you have created a file history on your Windows computer and backed up the Google folder, older versions of the history files can be accessed.

If file history is created, we have seen how to restore the history file to a previous version. But how do you do it? These steps are:

How To Recover Deleted History In Google Chrome

DNS, or Domain Name System, is the mechanism by which the URL you type in the address bar is translated into a physical address on the Internet. Since this change takes some form, especially when a website is accessed for the first time, the OS stores the DNS addresses of recently visited websites.

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You can see which websites you have visited by looking at this list. Note that this includes web activity from all browsers on your computer, not just Chrome. How to view the DNS cache using the command line:

If sync is enabled in your Google Account, your personal data is backed up in the cloud. Bookmarks, search history, passwords – everything is saved. As soon as you register a new device, Google will sync this data with it.

You can use this feature to recover deleted history in Google Chrome. Reinstall Google Chrome on your computer and sign in again. Your history should be synced with your other devices.

Note that this only works if your history file is missing – clearing your history from Google Chrome will clear it for all devices.

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Cookies are another way browsers (or websites) store information on your computer. The problem is that cookies are site-specific and only store information related to that site. Your search history is not found in cookies.

Instead, cookies give you general information about which websites you have interacted with in the past. Even if your browsing history is not restored, you can view all cookies on your computer and provide you with the same information. Please note that simply opening a website may not result in the creation of cookies. Generally, you will be prompted to accept cookies.

So far, we have explored various ways to recover your lost Chrome history on PC. But what about smartphones? Is there a way to do this on Android or iPhone?

How To Recover Deleted History In Google Chrome

Of course. While things like data recovery software or checking DNS caches are more difficult on a mobile phone, many other methods also work. Here are two:

How To Recover Deleted History On Chrome In 2022 [solved]

If your phone is synced, your Chrome data is backed up across all your devices. This means that logging back into your phone should restore your search history. Here are the steps:

Done After re-registration, your data will be synchronized with your Google account, restoring lost history using backups on your other devices.

If your information doesn’t match (or the method doesn’t work), you can always check your Google Account activity. My Activity Dashboard records every activity in Chrome, including searches. Follow these steps to get this information:

Chrome uses database files to store local access history on your computer. If these files are manually deleted, they may appear in the Recycle Bin. If deleted from there, they can still be recovered using the data recovery tool.

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However, if you clear the history from Chrome itself, individual records will be cleared. This means that the history file is still stored, but does not store any login information.

There are several ways to recover deleted Google history on Android phone. The first is Chrome’s sync feature. If you previously enabled sync, Chrome will automatically restore your browsing history and bookmarks after you sign in to your Google Account.

You can view your Google activity even if you don’t have sync enabled on your phone. This allows you to view all sites

How To Recover Deleted History In Google Chrome

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