How To Save A Gif From Twitter

How To Save A Gif From Twitter – Now you want to save it for your personal use. That’s cool too, but unfortunately a little more involved than you might think. The task isn’t difficult, necessarily, but it does take a few more steps than you might have thought before. But once you’ve mastered the process, you can grab a fun GIF from Twitter and add it to your library.

First, we need to select the GIF to save. Simple enough. I love sketch shows that I think you should leave and the many memes created from them, so I thought it would be cool to save this GIF from the show. After all, I love this show and I love food.

How To Save A Gif From Twitter

How To Save A Gif From Twitter

Now that we’ve got a good GIF, let’s walk through the steps to save it to your computer. Apologies in advance for how many steps this involves.

How To Download A Gif On Twitter

When you right-click on the GIF, you’ll see a pop-up button that reads “Copy GIF address.” It should look like this.

Well, this is where things get a little complicated. Twitter actually publishes GIFs as small video files, which are more efficient than GIF files. So you should download Twitter GIFs as videos to save them on your device. Kind of backwards, but that’s how it is.

So, this is very simple: paste the link then click download. Here’s what the Twitter video downloader looks like.

After the initial screen, your GIF will pop up on another page. Then hit Download again, and you’ll see the MP4 version of the Twitter GIF pop up on your screen.

Descarga De Apk De Video Downloader For Twitter

Click the three dots in the lower right corner of the video, then hit Yes, Download again. It should look like this.

You now officially have a version of the GIF in your Downloads folder. But if you want to convert that MP4 video to GIF, can you use it on all platforms? After all, you wanted to save a GIF and not a video. Well then…

A lot more work. EZ GIF has a tool that lets you easily convert video files to GIS. You can find it here.

How To Save A Gif From Twitter

Select the MP4 file of your GIF from the Downloads folder on your computer. Then click on upload video.

Cara Menyimpan Gif Dari Twitter Di Android

Your video should be automatically generated on the page after uploading. From there, scroll down and hit the button that reads, “Convert to GIF.”

Ok, phew, we’ve finally reached the end of the road to saving Twitter GIFs. All you have to do is right click on the output image on the next page, then save with whatever name you like. Then you finally saved your GIF.

There’s also a Save button, but right-clicking lets you choose a name for the GIF. Credit: ez gif

As you might have guessed from this point, saving a GIF from Twitter to your phone isn’t very easy.

How To Save A Gif From Twitter In Under 5 Mins: A Step By Step Guide

Again, since GIFs are effectively videos without sound on Twitter, the saving process is more complicated than it would be for a still image.

The long and short of it: you’ll need an app to save Twitter GIFs to your phone.

A little interjection here: At this point, the GIF you’re looking for can be easy to Google, especially if you don’t feel like downloading a new app. Resources like GIPHY and other image-focused sites have tons of GIFs that are super easy to save to your phone. Chances are, if you saw it on Twitter, it exists somewhere else and is just a Google query away.

How To Save A Gif From Twitter

OK, but if you want to save GIFs from Twitter, and if you have an iPhone, the easiest option is probably the GIFwrapped app. See how to use it.

How To Save A Gif From Twitter On Iphone, Android, Or Desktop

You can find the GIFwrapped app for iOS here. Unfortunately, there is currently no version of this app for Android.

When you open the app, GIFwrapped has a search bar where you can paste links. Put your link in that search field and then search. Simple enough.

Once you find the GIF in the app, it should populate on the next page. All you have to do is save it to your library within the app – via a button at the bottom left of the screen – and presto, you’ve saved your GIF. From there, you can copy and paste anywhere.

The down arrow shows the first button you hit. The top arrow shows the button you hit to save the GIF. Credit: Screenshot: gifwrapped

Save Twitter Gif

For iPhone users only. Android users have options, but they still have to download a third-party app once again because there’s nothing easy about saving Twitter GIFs.

A few different Android apps have degenerated over time, like the popular Tweet2GIF, but there is still a working TWdownload app. You can download it here. As the app’s Google Play page shows, you just paste a link — like GIFwrapped — then hit the download button.

The final screen shows how you can choose the image quality while downloading. Credit: Screenshot: Google Play Store /

How To Save A Gif From Twitter

From there, you should have a GIF and you’re good to go. But then, maybe just search Google and/or GIPHY and save yourself the trouble.

How To Save Gifs From Twitter On Desktop And Mobile

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By signing up to a newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from them which may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content. Several animated GIFs are shared on Twitter every minute. But what if you want to save a GIF image (to share on another social media network, send via text, or use in your article)?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way. The problem is, Twitter converts any animated GIF into a video file which makes saving the image and reusing it elsewhere a big problem.

Even if you share an animated GIF to your own Twitter stream and decide to find it later to download, you’ll find it nearly impossible.

How To Save A Gif From Twitter

Fortunately, I found some easy ways to save animated GIFS from Twitter. This includes saving reaction GIFs, memes, short clips, and almost any video file you find on Twitter:

Here are the steps to download animated GIF files from Twitter to your computer using any web browser:

The tool allows you to edit your GIF frame by frame. You can preview it at every step and export the creation once you are satisfied with it.

How To Save A Gif From Twitter

Here’s my result (took me about 5 minutes to retrieve, edit – add text, change speed and optimize for web – and download):

How To Save A Gif From Twitter On Desktop And Mobile

There’s also a handy meme generator that lets you create fun images to use on Twitter.

You are ready! File export is immediate. Now you can see animated GIFs in your photos on your iPhone.

*Instead of steps 3 and 4, you can select the “Share” icon in Twitter (lower right corner), select Tweet2gif and it will take you directly to the application to download the GIF.

Now that you have a growing collection of animated images on your desktop or phone, what can you do with them?

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How To Save A Gif From Twitter

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Saving Gif Images From Twitter

How To: How To Create A Stunning Book Cover For Free? How to create a 3D cover for free? How to add book cover to Google Docs? What size should an ebook cover be? What is the best color for a book cover? Writing a book is exciting: everyone has a story or… Twitter is home to some of the trendiest GIFs on the Internet. However, unfortunately, you cannot download GIFs directly from Twitter. In fact, to download or save GIFs from Twitter on your phone (Android or iPhone), you may need an app! So, we’ve put together this post where we cover:

1. How to save GIF from Twitter on iPhone? 2. How to save GIF from Twitter on Android? 3. How to save GIF from Twitter on Mac/Windows desktop?

To download or save GIFs from Twitter on your iPhone, you’ll need to download a third-party app. We recommend GIFwrapped. Here’s the step-by-step process on how to save GIFs from Twitter on your iPhone:

Step 1: Open the Twitter app and go to the tweet you want to save your GIF

How To Save Gif From Twitter To Your Phone Or Pc

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