Instagram Got Hacked & Email Changed – Steps To Recover

Instagram Got Hacked & Email Changed – Steps To Recover – Because Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, it is also one of the target sites for thousands of hacking attacks. Its large number of users makes the platform particularly attractive for phishing and similar malicious activities.

If your Instagram account has been hacked recently, you’ve come to the right place. We will share everything we have to know about this unfortunate situation. Whether you’re still in control of your password or not, hopefully you’ll be able to save your account as long as it’s not permanently deleted. Let’s start from the basics.

Instagram Got Hacked & Email Changed – Steps To Recover

Instagram Got Hacked & Email Changed – Steps To Recover

Signs that your Instagram account has been hacked can come in many ways. Maybe you’ve noticed published content that you haven’t edited. Or maybe you only know there’s been theft when you check the login activity section. In the worst case, you may find that you have lost access to your profile because a hacker has changed your password and username or deleted your account.

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According to Instagram, there are different methods you can use to recover your account after it has been hacked. We will provide detailed instructions for each method below.

Did you receive an email from “[email protected] ” notifying you that your email address has been changed? If so, you can cancel the action. Just select the “Keep your account here” hyperlink at the bottom of the message.

Maybe a hacker has changed your password or other important account information. In this case, you can request an Instagram login link.

Note: If the “Keep your account here” link sends you to an error page, the link in your email may be expired. If this happens, continue to the next step.

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Instagram takes hacking seriously, so the platform has several ways to verify that you are the owner of the account. One of them is to send a login link to your phone number or email address.

If you submit an account verification request without your photo, you will automatically receive an email from the Instagram support team. You will be prompted to enter the email address or phone number you used to create your account. , as well as the device you use (Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.).

If your Instagram has a picture of you, the support team will ask you to send a selfie video of you turning your head in different directions. This method will help them determine that you are the true owner of your account.

Instagram Got Hacked & Email Changed – Steps To Recover

Instagram will review your request and contact you as soon as the review is complete. If they reject the request, you can always submit a new request.

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If none of the steps below help you regain control of your Instagram account, try Any of the following:

If you believe your account was deleted during a hack, you can appeal the action by following the steps below:

If a disabled message appears, there may be a simple sign-in problem. However, if the account is permanently deleted by the hacker, there is no way to restore it. Instead, you can sign up for a new Instagram account with the same email address.

However, remember that if you create a new account with the same username, Instagram will have a harder time recovering your hacked account. It is best to contact the support team before creating a new account.

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How many times have you heard: “Use a strong password that includes at least one uppercase letter, number, symbol, etc.”? Although a strong password is an important lock to keep your Instagram account safe, more is needed. The safest way to protect your Instagram account from being hacked again is to enable two-factor authentication.

This powerful security tool asks you to enter a security code from the app or send a code. with your mobile phone every time you log in from a new device. So, even if a hacker gets into your account from another device using your password, they will still have access to your phone’s SMS inbox to get the code. This makes it almost impossible for hackers to complete the attempt.

To enable two-factor authentication, go to your Instagram “Security” page, then go to “Two-factor authentication” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Instagram Got Hacked & Email Changed – Steps To Recover

You can now access a list of all devices connected to your account. Now by following the steps below:

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As you go through the list, be sure to check for unknown devices or locations. Tap any activity you suspect and select “Logout.”

Instagram has a useful feature called “Instagram Emails” that allows you to see any communication that businesses send you. Use this feature whenever you think someone is trying to access your account by sending emails pretending to be from Instagram. Hackers can falsely alert you that someone is trying to break into your account and that you should change your password immediately. To check if this email is from Instagram, go to “Settings”, then “Security”, then “Email from Instagram”.

You will see a “Security” tab with all the emails that the platform has sent you in the last two weeks.

If an email notification about a login attempt or password change comes from Instagram, you should act immediately by changing your login details.

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If your Instagram account has been hacked and you have tried all the steps above, you should contact Instagram support for further assistance. But when you do, you will need to prove that you are the original account owner. Instagram gives its users two options:

1. If you have a picture of yourself in your Instagram account, you can send a selfie video to the company.

2. If you don’t have your own image in your account, you must prove that you are the original owner. You can verify the email account or phone number used to create the account and device. that you use (such as iPhone, Android, computer, etc.) to create an account.

Instagram Got Hacked & Email Changed – Steps To Recover

Assuming that you need to regain access to your Instagram account, you need to access the email specified in your Instagram account. According to Instagram policy, you will need to update your email in your account (if you can) or try to access that email account again.

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Unfortunately, if you are unable to regain access to your email account, Instagram will not allow you to access your Instagram profile.

I keep getting errors when I try to do the video verification process. What else can I do?

It’s no secret that Instagram’s video verification process is flawed. Many users complain about error codes and the inability to complete the process.

The first thing you should do is try using another device. Many users have overcome the error by using a computer instead of a phone. It will be better if you have already used this secondary device with your Instagram account.

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Another option is: close the Instagram app, make sure it’s up to date, have a good internet connection, and open it again. Then try the verification process again.

If you already have a linked Facebook account, go to Facebook and enable Face Recognition (Settings > Settings & Privacy > Face Recognition). Meta owns Instagram and Facebook. The theory behind this is that if you have linked two accounts and still have access to Facebook, turning on this feature will help Instagram recognize you during verification.

Finally, you can contact Instagram support for more help, but many users claim that this gets them nowhere. Therefore, our advice is to uninstall the app, wait 24 hours, reinstall it, and try again.

Instagram Got Hacked & Email Changed – Steps To Recover

If someone hacked into your Instagram account and you are able to regain control of it, you are one of the lucky ones. The experience often becomes a long and uncertain wait, especially if it involves the Instagram support team. To avoid falling victim to malicious attacks, be sure to protect your account with strong passwords and two-factor authentication. Also, never click on unverified links and offers that seem too good to be true.

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How did you restore your Instagram account after the hacking attack? Share your experience in the comments below.

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Facebook will then search for matching users. If you still don’t see your account, try entering something different from what you entered.

(For example, if you enter your phone number and it doesn’t work, try entering your email or login name). (In most cases, using your email will be the smarter choice.)

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Now for this step, you need to enter your account password. Well, if you know the password, you won’t be here, because you don’t know your new password that the hacker changed, put your old password. The password you used to log into your account before it was hacked:<

Your primary email will be changed very nicely, of course you don’t want to send your password reset link to a hacker’s account, so click the “You no longer have access to these?” Connect.

Now enter your new email address

Instagram Got Hacked & Email Changed – Steps To Recover

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